“The Voice Memo Demos” (EP):


1. Film Score Soundtracks

2. The Beige Bullet

3. The Absolutist Blues

4. It Aint You, Babe, It’s Me (Cuz It’s You)

5. The Little Iliad

“I Was Here” (Full LP):


1. Sneakers to Fill

2. Saturday Night in CT

3. Pickin’ A Town

4. One Last Dream

5. Achilles At The Athenian

6. Man of the World

7. Ancient Kinda Man

8. The #l-u-v-l-y-f Blues

9. The Rivalry Game

10. The Good Universe

11. I Was Here


“The #l-u-v-l-y-f Blues” (demo):


The #l-u-v-l-y-f Blues

“Sneakers to Fill EP”:


Sneakers to Fill

Saturday Night In CT

Ancient Kinda Man

The Good Universe